BrightGarden... Accelerating Business Opportunities to Profitability.
A Good Start -
Starts with a Great Vision.
Connections Growth
Get the Strategy right and the rest will follow.
  • Business Planning
  • Market Investigation
  • Modeling & Validation
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
BrightGarden helps you attract Premium:
  • Management Executives
  • Prospects
  • Investors
  • Partners
  • Suppliers
To achieve 1-in-100 Ranking
  • Risk Management
  • Best-Practices
  • Metrics, KPI's
  • Measurement & Monitoring
  • Value Delivery

BrightGarden Strategies in 2009
Accelerate your New Company / New Venture
From Business Plan to DashBoard...
  • Life is too short to not be the Best!
  • Winning Business Plans and Critical Performance Dashboards - these are just two Products from BrightGarden that make you your sector's leader.
  • BrightGarden works with CEO's, Presidents, and Business Owners to achieve their first $1MM, $10MM, and $100MM sales.
  • Success in early stage businesses requires three things - skills, resources and conviction.
  • We work with businesses to reach beyond expectations by adding Vision, Connections & Growth.
  • Finance-Marketing-Operations - we create the balance that assures you success.
  • We offer free up-front consultation to determine your growth potential - Contact us today 585 233 0950 to learn how you can accelerate your success.

Flexible Services
  • BrightGarden routinely engages our clients at early business-planning stage, whether that means a fresh startup or growth from within corporate clients.
  • A typical business plan, for the purposes of attracting private equity and for management purposes, involves several stages or phases.
  • Typical initial client engagements for us are "stage one" business plans delivered through a 30-day strategy-focus process.
  • We do also initiate faster high-intensity campaigns to respond to client urgency.
  • We understand you, our valued customer, because we ourselves have extensive experience in all areas of value delivery.
  • The result is a compelling documented "snapshot" of your business that allow your confidence to soar and your vision to be realized.
  • Just as quick as we are to articulate the strengths of your proposition,

    we at BrightGarden respond with you to address all business risks head-on and create viable solutions to convert any potential red flags to green lights - you will gain market advantage from your strengths.

    Peter Gregory

"1-in-100 Investability"

"BrightGarden routinely works with CEO's, Presidents, and Business Owners - plus Innovators in many types of organizations - to produce breakthrough acceleration advantages for your company to achieve greater scope, greater scale. Whether it is the first $1MM, $10MM, or $100MM sales, we create the strategic balance of Finance, Marketing, and Innovation/Operations effectiveness to gain for you a "1-in-100 Investability Status".

Typical BrightGarden development partners include:
  • At-Large Innovators
  • Patent Holders
  • Corporate Research Groups
  • Regional Business Incubator Directors
  • Incubator Client Companies
  • University Tech Transfer Offices