The art of the business plan.

Common misconception #1: the business plan is a thing.
Common misconception #2: the business plan is boring, a drudgery.
Common misconception #3: it is a waste of time, it never gets used.

#1 A Corrected view of the business plan is: the business plan is a Process, an action.
In our experience business plans are like websites - if done correctly, by the time you wrap up a "draft" of either, you are driven to exceed your current capability, defining the next version of yourself.

Hence, Business Plans Reveal Opportunity.

#2 The Business Plan Reveals Actionable Goals toward increasing your firm's value. You should end up with your number one priority to drive down risk, accelerate sales, sell and stay sold.
How hard can it be?

#3 The Business Plan should be the Guide to your Annual Report: Call your shots, Monitor for Progress, Make your Adjustments, Tabulate Results.

BrightGarden introduces Vision, Connections, and Growth in a streamlined process to rapidly accelerate you to success.

BrightGarden can move you into a 1-in-100 position - our ultimage goal when working with you.

BrightGarden Business Plans integrate a number of critical components:
  • vision, mission, goals - the companies that take these the most seriously do the best with their companies
  • strategy that results in tactics
  • a guidebook that lays out the KPI's of your business
  • a definition of the buying behavior of your prospects
  • what your market is and sometimes more importantly, what it is not - the value of contrast
  • it is a communication to stakeholders - from family to investors
  • it describes gaps that you must overcome - through available resources
  • and, perhaps, at one point, your opportunity is so certain that your business warrants the time and expense of attracting equity capital.
Where do you fit on the business plan capability curve?
Beginning, Intermediate, Accomplished?

Each stage has its own needs that BrightGarden can satisfy.

BrightGarden works with companies at all stages, through the point of soliciting equity investment.

Hang around business venturers long enough, and the successful ones will say "Do everything you can to build your company up to the point of attracting equity, and you will do well for yourself."

If your opportunity is compelling, and your standout, break-away features are so good, you will emerge at the top of the "investability pyramid".

But not all companies need to use equity investment nor are they suited for it.

Sales are everything - profitable sales.

The largest project to date for BrightGarden has been a multi-dozen $Million dollar funding for federal aerospace application - think "unique satellite subsystems".

At the other end of the spectrum BrightGarden turned a struggling sole practitioner who, at the point of our engaging her as a client, was winding up the spring of market value, but without a business advisory function for the previous 10 years to help her exploit that market.

For this organizational development (OD)consultant - creating Fluid Teams, Personal Excellence - BrightGarden helped convert raw talent and value into a viable firm gaining $100k's sales and employing and partnering with dozens.

We hope you, too, will call us to gain the edge to make your company 1-in-100.

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