2009 - BrightGarden Does Dashboards!...

Get and Set your KPI's... It is well established that "you cannot improve what you do not measure". The early planning stages for your company is the optimal time to name your key performance indicators. BrightGarden works with you to introduce a streamlined bundle of systems and processes that allow you to monitor performance metrics and thereby grow the fastest. Early adoption of this critical point of view allows you more time for refinement of your success drivers and start operating in your "power" bands.
Company agility and responsiveness is based on
  1. early identification, and
  2. early monitoring
of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that we work with you to determine, and build a customized Performance Dashboard that makes you a leader in your business sector.

Dashboard Rollout from BrightGarden Strategies encompasses:

  1. user centered design,
  2. information architecture,
  3. interaction design,
  4. visual design, and
  5. usability.
BrightGarden Does Dashboards